My name is Vijay Sawnani and I am a Fashion, Fine art and Conceptual a photographer based in Mumbai and Udaipur, India.
I was born in a small town in udaipur and developed a love for art since the very early days. I developed a passion for photography that I was decided to grow into a full time business.My journey with the art form began 10 years ago, and without any formal training, my undying passion and commitment have led  to become one of the best photographers India.

My work is defined by an attentive use of light and colour  two of my favourite things. I love spending time evaluating both before a shoot, planning a lighting setup that creates the exact mood I want the images to convey and colours that enhance that same feeling, all working in harmony with one another.
Apart from photographing, I enjoy taking care of the production of my shoots. Using my experience and valuable connections acquired from years in the fashion industry, I love to carefully evaluate each brand or collection to produce suitable shoot ideas, colours and lighting matching the client values, visuals and objectives. I cast for suitable models from top modelling agencies and gather a professional and friendly styling team that will execute the tasks to perfection.
Alongside photo shoots, I have been teaching renowned photography workshops in Mumbai & Udaipur  since 2011, mentoring new photographers and enriching knowledge on topics ranging from Studio Lighting to model direction. Teaching and meeting new photographers is a true pleasure for me. As a mentor, I also had the honour of making appearances for talks and seminars at high-profile events.

Thanks for reading!